Contract parking


Short-term contract cards


  • A short-term contract card allows to park at a certain EuroPark parking place for up to 30 days (depending on the parking place). If you want to extend the short-term subscription or buy it again - it's necessary to conclude a long-term contract (if the selected parking lot is offered for long-term contract card).
  • To purchase a short-term contract card::
    1. fill the contact form below or at EuroPark Operator Centre;
    2. after receiving confirmation from a representative of EuroPark pay for the card at the EurPark  Operator Centre and receive the card (payment via bank transfer is possible if agreed upon beforehand by writing to, but must be made before receiving the card).
Short-term contract cards are available:
  • open lots - for 7, 14, 21 or 28 days;
  • garage Origo - for 1, 2, 3, 7 or 14 days;
  • garage Hotel Latvija - for 2, 3, 7 or 14 days;

Long-term contract card


  • Long-term use of a parking place (time of use depends on the chosen contract type) is possible by entering an open-ended contract  (contract can be terminated with a witten notice submitted at least one month before the desired termination date)
  • To enter into a contract required to use a parking place in long-term:
    1. fill the contract form below (a contract in a MS Word document will be sent to the noted e-mail);
    2. fill the necesarry information in the MS Word document, print it out in two copies and sign it (if agreed upon, the contract can be prepared and printed out at the EuroPark office);
    3. after receiving confirmation from a representative of EuroPark, submit the printed and signed contract at the EuroPark Operator Centre on the first day the contract is active and receive a card valid for the use of the chosen parking place (if the contract is prepared and printed at the EuroPark office, it must be signed before receiving the contract card).

      • In case a contract is not sent to the e-mail address noted in the contract form, please contact SIA "EuroPark Latvia" at 67324508 or at
      • Payment for the use of a long term contract must be made in advance as noted in the contract.
      • Monthly invoices are only sent via e-mail; Invoices via mail can be received for an additional cost of EUR 2.00 including VAT.



Contract form